2015 Reflections

muir woods
Muir Woods

I was off for over 2 weeks!  I spent my first two days off in jury duty, which kind of sucked.  I still had a few days to relax before my very good friends, Alan and Emily came to visit 🙂  I planned their entire 6 day trip!  It was super fun!  They literally saw ALL the San Francisco landmarks + Napa (though it was a little barren, it was still beautiful nonetheless) + Muir Woods + Santa Cruz and many amazing sunsets.  We ate in a variety of neighborhoods and got soooo stuffed!  I’m so tired after all that adventuring but it was worth showing truly amazing friends around.  Good thing I had a long weekend to recuperate after their departure.

My boyfriend and I decided we will no longer host anymore guests because we’ve simply had too many within the past year and we’ve seen all the SF landmarks at least 10 times.  Even though I hate turning down friends, I learned how to say no for myself.

In 2015, I started doing yoga, found a cat, started driving, took a screen writing class, became a group fitness instructor, started training my coworker, took interest in gardening, started a blog, created new friendships and so much more.  2015 was a quiet yet emotionally tumultuous year of growth and acceptance for me.  I cut off a toxic friendship and filtered out a lot of negative thoughts that didn’t even belong to me.  I let go of expectations.  I redefined what’s right and wrong for myself.  I let go of following a timeline imposed on me by norms that are in reality totally nonexistent and invented by faithless people.  I stopped letting others define me.  I stopped caring about what people thought and what I thought people thought of me.  I stopped seeking the “normal” path.  I stopped seeking “right” way to be an adult, a woman.  I stopped dissecting myself and I just let myself be.  I no longer feel the anxiety that comes from: I “should” be doing something.

I’m so excited about 2016!  In 2016, let’s just say I’m going to do more of what I love in a place I love 🙂

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